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OUR MEDICAL STAFF ranks first as a medical group of fertility knowledge generation in our country in fertility issues with more than a dozen research publications in journals indexed in PubMed, both domestic and foreign. We have multiple papers presented at conferences and publications in books.

These works have positioned us as leaders in the field. Here are some examples of journals in which we have published:

  • Reproductive Biology and Endocrinolyy
  • Fertility & Sterility
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics of Mexico
  • Mexican Journal of Reproduction Medicine
  • International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics

With a comprehensive training in Biology of Human Reproduction and taking as collateral a title with degree of medical specialization, we guarantee that our knowledge PROCREA is fully committed to the best for our patients., treating fertility problems, assisted reproduction, advanced technology, endoscopic surgery, andrology, recurrent pregnancy loss and reproductive endocrinology.

We are certified by

Consejo Mexicano de Ginecologia y Obstetricia

Foto del Dr. Álvaro Santibáñez Morales

Dr. Álvaro Santibáñez Morales

Foto del Dr. Omar Colín Licea

Dr. Omar Colín Licea

Foto del Dra. Ana Paola Sánchez Serrano

Dra. Ana Paola Sánchez Serrano


Diana Santander González

Comprehensive assistance and Administration
Lic. Carolina Ayala

Commercial Director
Ing. Miguel Ángel Escala González

Medical Director
Dr Álvaro Santibáñez Morales

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